Through the landscape which was held sway by Půta Lord of Švihov and Riesenberg

A walk down the Otava River

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If you decide to go for a walk, you can expect a nice, easy trip. From the square of Rabí you will follow the yellow touristic mark to the village of Žichovice. From this village you will folllow the green touristic mark to the town of Horažďovice. (All the time you will walk along the Otava River.)
Next to the nature beauties you can not pass historical monuments. Above the town of Horažďovice there is situated the ruin of the Prácheň Castle. The hill above Horažďovice was peopled in the 10th or 11th century but at the place of the former Old-Slavic settlement there nowadays stands the ruin of the Gothic castle (but there are only parts of fortification walls, of round tower and of four defensive towers). And more over, untill 1264 the Prácheň Castle was an administative centre of the region of the same name.
The town of Horažďovice itselfs offers much sightseeings. Going for a walk through this town you will see remains of the city walls, you will go past "Masné krámy" (a former butcher´s quarter) and you will go along some churches. You should not pass the Castle of Horažďovice with a museum indoors. That museum offers a traditional museum exposition and also an interactive exposition (within of which you can try crafts of our ancestors) and rooms with an exposition of historical marionettes.
And if you will be tired, you can go to the swimming pool.