The Kašperk Castle

The most highly located royal castle in Bohemia

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   The region between the towns of Klatovy and Prachatice offers a lot: beautiful landscape, dense forests, rivulets and rivers, lovely villages, historical towns and three castles, too. The name of the highly located of them is Kašperk.
   The Kašperk Castle was founded in the 14th century by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. In the course of the following centuries it went through an epoch of bloom and also through an extraordinary decline. Nowadays, the Kašperk Castle is one of the most popular location in southwestern Bohemia.
   If you decide to visit this castle, you will not regret it. The castle itself offers two guided tours (Living in the castle and Building of the castle), alternatively you can spend nice time in its courtyard or you can set out for a walk to nearby ruins of small fortress, which is called "Pustý Hrádek".

You find more information on the website of this charming sight.